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Welcome to Väestöliitto’s Therapy Services!

We offer couples’ therapy and individual therapy, as well as counseling by psychologists and sex therapists. As an organization we have a strong history of research, development and training. Quality and evidence –based approach is our top priority. We offer services for example in finnish, english, swedish and russian.

What kind of therapy?

Couple’s therapy addresses the couple’s communication, desire to be happier, feeling distant, lack of trust, thoughts of a divorce, or a wish to make a couple relationship stronger! Couples therapy is effective for 2/3 of couples. Both parties can peacefully express their concerns. Through discussion and stimulation, both parties gain insight as to how they can improve the relationship. Both parties gain tools for listening, problem solving, communication skills, and rebuilding of trust. The couple identifies life goals and relationship responsibilities.

Individual therapy addresses your mental health and wellbeing. If you are struggling with feelings of depression, grief, loss or sadness, therapy is a good way forward. Addictions, traumatic events and burnout at work are easier to manage with professional help. Discussions with our therapist help You to find options even in normal everyday problems with relationships and family. Research tells us that therapeutic methods are equally effective; the trust and openness you share with your therapist is what counts.

Sex therapy addresses for example a lack of balance of sexual needs between partners, a need to enhance your sexual pleasure, your inhibitions and excesses. You may see your sex therapist alone or with your partner. In therapeutic discussions, the sex therapist guides you along in finding how to express your needs, how to pursue a fulfilled sexual experience, or how to find a balance in you sexual relationship. Intimacy and trust in your sexual relationship, as well as reducing sexual anxiety, can be treated in sex therapy.

Welcome, we’re happy to help!

You may make a reservation at 09 2280 5267 (mon-fri 8.30 AM to 11 AM and 1PM to 3.30 PM), or online (online reservation system in finnish). You can find our therapists who provide therapy in english in the list below.

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